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My mother’s side of the family has been plagued with weight issues for generations. I’ve always thought my mom was the most beautiful person I know, but she truly inspired me a few years ago when she lost over a hundred pounds and conquered her weight problems for good. She’s always tried to help me stay healthy, but genetics, many years of eating out every night as a child, and my freshman year of college quickly caught up to me.Ever since I can remember, I’ve been insecure about my weight. When I reached the largest I’d ever been after a tough break-up with a long-term boyfriend and two semesters of eating down-home North Carolina cooking at Elon University (I went to Elon for my freshman year of college before transferring back home to the University of Rhode Island), I realized I needed to make a change.

In Winter 2010, I lost 40 pounds and was so proud of myself! I manage to maintain the weight loss for almost a year, but the pounds started to creep back on after I was diagnosed with a physical disability in November 2011. Not being able to exercise for a long period of time has not done my body good, and the emotional side of having a disability caused me to use food to dull the pain. Slowly but surely, the weight crept back on.

In June 2012, I joined SparkPeople and started counting my calories as a way to keep myself accountable. I used to be totally against keeping a food log, but now I love it! Check out my Recipe page for some great ideas for healthy meals. I try to do low-impact exercises as much as possible to keep my body moving, but with my disability it’s hard. Head on over to my Workout page to find my favorite feet-friendly workouts.

As of mid-July 2012, I’ve lost 11 pounds and hope to lose much more!


Progress Pictures


June 2010

October 17, 2010

January 2011


May 2011









January 2012

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